Celebrities Reputation

How Celebrities Create Their Own Destiny in the Public Eye

The reputation management can be a dance or dirge for each PR consultant that has to make a statement. Sometimes celebrities can become repeat offenders that make it next to impossible for them to say or do anything that can make their situation better. In these cases they have to simply remove themselves from the eyes of the public. Many celebrities may not realize it, but they are creating their own destinies every day. The work that they did the day before may not necessarily be anything that will affect how people see them today. It is going to be important for people to realize that. There can a lot of drama linked to words that have been said or actions that have been performed without thought.

paparazziCelebrities can make millions, but the downside to fame is the spotlight. Someone is always watching – and usually waiting – to see how a celebrity will handle the fame. It is true that a PR person can work their magic, but the ultimate image of a celebrity is determined by their own actions. A celebrity that is violent, for example, will soon find themselves with less work and a shortened time in the spotlight because this type of reputation is difficult to clean up. A person that may be opening up about an alternative lifestyle, by contrast, may be able to turn a scandalous headline into a positive career move as they receive support from other members of the alternative lifestyle community.

Sometimes it is easy to get help from a PR person is light issues, but celebrities still have to make decisions about the type of life that they lead. They cannot simply assume that there life can be cleaned up before the public each time that they fall. It just doesn’t work that way. Even the best PR people will have some sort of limitations. It is good to have a desire to do the right thing while the cameras are rolling. It is even better to have the desire to do the right thing while the cameras are not rolling. It is evident that the world has changed as a result of social media. That is why it makes more sense for celebrities to simply take the time to sit and think before they do anything.

There are some celebrities like Adele that have removed themselves from Twitter because they know that there tend to tweet when they are drinking. This is a form of damage control because she knows that she can say things that she would never say while she is sober. Other people may be faced with the dilemma of getting their words twisted when they do interviews. This is why the actor and rapper Drake has made a decision not to do anymore interviews.

prSome artists are simply private people that do not want to give any information about their personal lives. Sometimes this is for the best. Some of the best celebrities of the last 50 years where shy people that never gave interviews. Michael Jackson and Prince were both people that were rarely interviewed. There was some logic to this. These were entertainers that let their art speak for them. They did not want to be led into trying to interpret what they were doing. They did not have any desire to explain anything and this often kept them out of trouble. Even in times where artists like this ran into trouble they would still have the faith of their fans as they remained silent on the issues. They never spoke on anything. These artists used the classic PR moves of remaining silent in order to place the matter into the court of public opinion.

Celebrities that have guarded their reputations can usually sustain a couple of bad blows from the press. People that have a repeat offender record, however, will be less likely to benefit from the aid of fans in the court of public opinion. When a celebrity has continued to behave in a wild and reckless manner it will be much more difficult for fans to proclaim their innocence. This is something that celebrities need to consider every time that they find themselves releasing frustration. There is always time to turn away and resist whatever temptation has fallen upon an artist.

The celebrity that wants to send negative tweets or secretive direct messages have time to stop and think about it. The celebrity that is going to be plastered all over the news tomorrow for a wild brawl in a nightclub has lots of time to think about their actions today. The PR firms may be magnificent at handling crisis, but the celebrity has to have some level of accountability. Celebrities have to realize that they are not bulletproof.