The Evolution of Reputation Management

innovation technologyThere was a time when celebrities did not have to worry about having a filter for everything that they said. There were no smartphones. There were no recordings that were hitting the Internet every day. Businesses may had customers that were disgruntled, but leaders never had to worry about a viral complaints spreading through the Internet several decades ago. That time has certainly changed though. The technological advancements of today have really transformed the role of the PR representatives in a major way. This is obvious for anyone that has a social media profile. This is certainly the truth for people that like to keep up with celebrity gossip. There is a greater need for reputation management than there has ever been before.

The smartphone may be the thing that has made it impossible to not have a good PR person in place. This is how a large majority of information travels. People are seeing viral videos surface every day. There are shootings that get caught on video. There are celebrities that are caught in brawls on video. Some business leaders are captured saying racist things with smart phones. There are a plethora of different things that are causing more businesses to require a PR person to come to the front line. This is the norm now that technology plays such a big role in what customers are seeing.

In the business world that are going to be times where it is relevant to address certain issues that come up in videos. There will be many opportunities to do this with social media. That has become the thing that people look to in order to strike back quickly. Some celebrities, for example, have accounts on Twitter or Facebook that are actually run by their PR consultants. This is a great way to stay ahead of the negative publicity that can occur. When a PR person is the one behind the tweets and postings it is going to be easier to filter the content in a positive light. There are fewer mishaps with celebrities that are saying things that will put them in the dog house with the public.

Reputation management has become the thing that has allowed celebrities that may have been falling down the slippery slope of destruction to regain composure. It isn’t always going to be easy for a person or company that is in the spotlight of the public to maintain a good reputation, but the Internet can certainly help if a PR person is doing the job of spreading the good press.

seoAnother thing that has changed in the evolution of reputation management is the way that things are handled when the reputation is bad. Sometimes a PR person may be overwhelmed with the bombardment of bad press. For this a reputation management company may actually be required in order to tweak findings on the Internet. This may require some type of search engine optimization to push the bad articles into the background. When things have already gone sour it is going to be vital to slow done images or articles that are going viral. It may not be possible to stop it, but it may be possible to redirect the attention of those that may be searching for this negative content. That is what these reputation management companies can do.